Macy’s Thanksgiving Lip Syncing Day Parade Highlights


They’re not even trying to fake it anymore. Brazen lip syncing. A few highlights from the 2011 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…

Lip Syncing Tom Foolery (Picasa Creative Commons)

+Cee Lo Green chewed gum while ‘singing.’ That doesn’t work.

+The casts of most of the Broadway shows (Newsies, Spider Man, etc.) didn’t even wear or hold microphones. That’s basically saying ‘we’re just here to lip sync, thanks for watching.’

+The microphone windscreen foam cover is getting larger. Some producer must’ve said “make it large enough to cover at least half of the singer’s face.”

+More masks. Nearly 88% of all performers wore masks, helmets, or extensive wig work. This was done deliberately to mask lip syncing efforts.

+The Muppets did the best job lip syncing. As always.

All that said, I still enjoyed it. And always will.

Ooooh, here comes Neil Diamond. Sounds like he’s using the recording he did in the 80’s. Go Neil go!

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UPDATE: Fresh off the press! Check out Scotty McCreery’s flub… go big or go home right!