Derek Jeter, Michael Jackson, Tim Tebow and Apple Products

I never did get it. I still don’t get it. And, faithless me, I will probably never get it.

It = watching most sports on TV.

What’s my problem?

Am I not a man?

Should I get my testosterone levels checked?

Two polarized groups: fans and non-fans. If I may, I’d like to have a fireside chat with each for a moment.

For sports fans The non-fans, like myself, understand your passion; we just don’t understand why you’re so passionate. We too are a passionate people… for things like Apple products. We see this as a more beneficial relationship that doesn’t leave us as empty as watching a game. These products help us. They accomplish tasks. Create art. Improve communication. Entertain us.

“You just haven’t found your team yet,” you say. We’ve tried. To us, they’re all basically the same. Lions, tigers, bears . . .

“What about college teams instead of pro?” Same thing, different paycheck.

“Why are you a hater?” We know you just want us to love your team as much as you do and that our disinterest may seem like hate. It is not. We are lovers, not haters, which is why we’d rather spend our time doing things we love.

We’re not totally ignorant either. I knows some ‘sports names.’ I even put a couple in the title of this post: Jeter and Tebow! Granted, I Googled them before posting this because 1) I wasn’t sure if I spelled their names correctly and 2) I wasn’t sure what their first names were.

For non-fans  Michael Jackson said it best:

For you are not alone. Not alone ohhhh. You are not alone. You are not alone. Say it again. You are not alone. You are not alone. Not alone, not alone.

There’s other dudes like Brian Regan who may feel the same way. A t-shirt company even came up with a way to cash in on one of Regan’s stand-up routines.

This is my favorite jersey:

Andrew's Jersey

This football season, I want to participate and join the fans by cheering and celebrating as best I know how. I’ll just be wearing my ‘go my favorite sports team’ jersey.

What about you?


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