Rarely Asked Questions

Who’s your favorite character on Gilligan’s Island? Jack Bauer.

What do you do with your free time? I make pages on my blog that are somewhat pointless… like my RAQ page.

Where do you work? Fake answer: next door. Real answer: I’m an actor playing the part of a corporate sales trainer.

When do you have time to blog? When I’m not watching the shows I used to watch. Or sometimes when I’m listening to the shows I used to watch. Like right now. I’m watching hearing “The Biggest Loser.”

Why do you do this? Sharing is joyful. Hoarding isn’t. I want to share. Will you join in with me?

How did the switch from PC to Mac go for you? I was dead and then, behold, there was life.


5 thoughts on “RAQ

  1. oooh so you’re already an Apple “user”, bout time you DID get yourselves i-phones too!

    Is the mac that much better, honestly? My daughter loves hers and sits sneering at me on my lil ol’ Sony laptop .. Brat, I must ground her now I think about it ..

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