30 Entries, 30 Days, Mini-Obama?

Matt, my bro-in-law, offered a challenge on his blog. To write 30 things in 30 days–I believe he’s choosing poems.

His throwdown. My pickup. Game on! 
Day 1
I’m getting older. Not just the kind of getting older that happens when you’re 18. But the getting older that older people used to talk about and I’d think that won’t happen when I get to be their age. But it kinda does happen.
Apart from the gray hairs and a slightly slowing metabolism (hmmmm, these pants used to fit just fine. Woah. What the? Treadmill time) the most noticeable change has been a desire to live with purpose and intention. 
Why do we really do what we do? What is the purpose? Who’s life am I affecting? What change can I make to bring a difference?
Making money isn’t rewarding enough, though having the bills paid is a tremendous blessing. Thankful.
Still, the greedy me wants more. To bring change. 
Sounds kinda political.

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