August 2009

I’ve frittered my internet time away on facebook (which I’ve taken to calling ‘fakebook’–seems a ‘surrogate’ to actual connection, though I know it has it’s place).


Been at my job for about 6 months now. Doing well. Want more creativity, more freedom. The prospect of starting our own business is extremely exciting to both of us. I feel the Lord is preparing us for this by me being in sales/business right now. He’s good to set us up with all that we need for the days ahead.

He’s good at setting us up.


He has such purpose to the way He leads. Knowing that there is purpose to each moment in the day, makes each moment a cherished one. It’s just a matter of actually REALIZING that truth, even in the hum-drums of life. In the frustrating moments as well as the thrilling moments.

Life is rich and full right now. A bit too much of work, but that’s the baby in me complaining about having to be an adult–truth be told, I work about 40 hrs per week.

In the midst of work, play, marriage, friendships, and good food is Jesus holding it all together. He’s tangible at times; a holy gravity that attracts blessing and favor.


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