Been wondering lately about jobs… am I the only one who just has such a hard time seeing the purpose in storing up all kinds of junk junk so I can get more junk junk. Meanwhile, life is passing us all by. I really have to leap over this hurdle–the job hurdle. 

I just can’t seem to get over this one. And, ironically, no one ever told me that the things I’d studied in college (theater/music) were most likely the things I’d have to do to make some cash. 
So now I’ve done those things–those things I went to college for–those theater/music things. And I kinda feel like I’m done. Yes, as in the fork in me done. Done. The odd thing is, I still wanna be creative–I still wanna do new things–challenging things. On one side of the hurdle–staying there, wondering if this is what God made me for. Why do I have the abilities I have if I’m not supposed to use them… somehow. 
I wonder if I can jump over, and jump back and then… jump back over again? Somehow, that doesn’t really seem like that will get me further down the track–rather, it will keep me that that hurdle. 
These thoughts–though entirely introspective and semi-nauseating–are good ones. It’s this point of pressure that forces us along the way–so there’s little danger in stagnating. 
Time to jump?  Or….


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